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Hey there! If you found this blog then you're in luck! I'm Groovee! A youtuber who rly likes crossovers and magical girl shows! I'm currently making my own show on youtube so go check it out if u can!

voice actress lol

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Hola, it is i Groob back at it again at the krispy kreme. I'm gonna ramble a fuck ton in this post lol

Anyways, since i've been rly getting into the characters of NG and the neat lil crossovers ppl make with em, i thought up of an idea of like,,,i guess a series of short movies featurin the newgrounds characters called Newgrounds All Stars. I'm pretty sure that already kinda exists with Newgrounds Rumble being a thing but like,,a movie and the characters just go on somewhat wacky and stupid adventures.

Like i have this one idea in mind which was called "To Rescue Alien Hominid" which was like Alien Hominid gets spacenapped by Intergalactic Bounty Hunters hired by some fuckin space government and the other characters of NG gotta go on some wild goose chase to rescue him idk.

There was this other one (which im kinda ashamed of now for personal reasons) called "The Wonders Of The Universe" where Hank, Sanford, Deimos and Tricky get fucking yeeted into another galaxy bc of Alien Hominid and then he proceeds to yeet other characters into the same galaxy as the madness gang bUT WHOOPS everything goes fucky wucky and it's revealed everyone is somehow a magical warrior (dont ask why im a mahou shoujo enthusiast) and I thought it was the funniest shit at the time.

And a plot im working on is this evil cult named The Mindhive, wants to turn everyone into their followers so the last remaining characters have to go and save everyone while trying to get rid of The Mindhive. It's an entire thing so far.

anyways, if im good enough at anatomy and shoving a bunch of ppl in one picture, i might draw these ideas but who knows. i'm just a 16 year old who writes funky lil scripts and really likes crossovers. Gimme ur feedback on these, i'd like to see what you think!

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